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Working with parents is important to Chinn's success. If you need any information that you can't find here, feel free to contact us at (816) 359-4330.

Building Strong Foundations - Each Student - Every Day

Playground and Lunchroom

Goal: Building positive student relationships and helping students enjoy a short break from the rigors of classwork.

In the lunchroom:

  • Each student is treated with respect and dignity at all times.
  • A safe and enjoyable environment is maintained for students through active monitoring. A lunchroom monitor continually moves throughout the area to manage the lunchroom.
  • As students move through the line we ask them to go five at a time so they have time and get what they need before being seated.
  • Students are required to remain seated during the lunch period.
  • Students are encouraged to use a calm, “inside voice” in the lunchroom.
  • Students will be rewarded with Panther Paws for demonstrating the expectations.
  • When students are dismissed to wait in line to wait for their teacher, “line basics” skills should be demonstrated; hands at side, facing forward, quiet and ready to walk.

On the playground:

  • Check the weather each day.  Your child should be prepared to be outside unless it is extremely cold, extremely hot, or there is rain/sleet/snow.  We do not deny students the opportunity to go outside unless absolutely necessary.
  • Wear appropriate clothing.  Remind your child to keep track of their items, writing your child’s name on clothing helps.
  • Wear appropriate shoes.  Athletic tennis shoes are the best choice. Your child will have the opportunity to participate in outdoor games and activities and their safety is our first priority.
  • Lost and found can be checked at any time if your child has a missing item.
  • Safety and sportsmanship are top priorities on the playground. Supervisors will constantly be watching and helping the children learn rules to games and to ensure their safety each day.