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See Mrs. Van Horn for Access Code!
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PebbleGo- This is an award-winning pre-K to grade 3 database for reading and research. It includes built-in tools for emerging readers. Leveled text, and educational games.   Midcontinent Online Library - Use your library card or the school's institution card to login and access these resources.    Explora-  Park Hill
School District students and teachers can access
this database for research. 
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 Primary Search Park Hill 
School District students and teachers can access this database for research. 


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Safe Search Kids is a kid-friendly  search engine.

  KidRex is a kid-friendly search engine.   Kids Click is a kid-friendly search engine.


 visit Wonderopolis (opens in new window)

   visit Infoplease (opens in new window)    visit CIA factbook  (opens in new window)
Wonderopolis - This is a great place to start wondering and exploring the world around you!
  Infoplease has a dictionary, atlas, encyclopedia, and thesaurus. It also has searchable categories to narrow your search.    CIA Factbook - Researching a country? Need information on population? This site has up-to-date information and is sponsored by the CIA. 
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   visit National Geographic Kids (opens in new window)    visit A to Z Animals (opens in new window)
Ducksters - Working on a biography? Ducksters is a great place to start. 
  National Geographic Kids has information about animals and their habitats. there are also games and videos.
  A-Z Animals - If you need information about animals--this is a great site with accurate information. 
visit DK Find Out (opens in new window)
DK Find Out is an easy-to-use research tool. If you are researching animals, this is a great place!