Title I Information

At Chinn Elementary, we strive to meet all students’ needs. The Title I Reading Interventionists and Chinn Staff do this by working together to provide effective, research-based interventions that best support our students with their individual reading goals. Through Title I funding, our school is able to provide and implement research-based instructional practices and materials to differentiate for reading needs. These funds also help provide additional support personnel to work with our students. The Title I teachers at Chinn Elementary are JaNette Kunels (kunelsj@parkhill.k12.mo.us) and Julie Dye (dyej@parkhill.k12.mo.us). Please feel free to contact either teacher with any questions you may have in regards to reading interventions or Title I.

Title I Parents Right to Know (PDF)
2020-2021 Chinn Title I School-Parent Compact.pdf
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School Parent and Family Engagement Policy.pdf
District Parent-Family Involvement Policy (PDF)
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Parent Notification (PDF)
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